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At Caro Holistic Healthcare we offer a completely holistic approach to establishing and maintaining good health through the BodyTalk system, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching with NLP, Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki and deep relaxation techniques.

We understand why holistic healthcare is becoming more and more the modern phenomenon for healing and health maintenance: holistic healthcare is about recognising and treating the whole person, including body, mind, emotions and spirit, in the context of that particular person.

This means recognising you as a unique individual, not simply a set of symptoms to be addressed.

For the past 350 years or so the conventional view of health has been to consider that Body and Mind are separate and can be further broken down into separate systems. Treatment in this view becomes simply a matter of finding and fixing the “faulty or broken” bit (as you would with parts of a clock or an engine).

This view has served society well as far as it goes but there is a growing trend of symptoms and illnesses for which this approach cannot find a cure.

caro holistic healthcare

At Caro Holistic Healthcare we believe that given the right opportunity, direction and assistance the bodymind can heal itself.

We understand that the theory of ‘mind and body being separate’ is incorrect and that the natural action is for the bodymind complex to work in synergy. In other words, experiences that affect the body will impact the mind and experiences that affect the mind will have some effect on the health of the body.

To better understand this consider how an injury or illness can depress your mood or how easily a pain or headache reduces when something raises your spirits. When looking for the origins of illness, disease, dysfunction or discomfort we can no longer consider body and mind as separate.

Every cell in the body (and according to recent research we have anywhere between 37 and 100 trillion of them!) communicates with every other cell, relaying emotions throughout the body. We see this so often with stress which, when prolonged, is detrimental to the body, the mind and the emotions in so many ways causing all manner of illness and disease.

Conversely, it has been widely reported that when we experience relaxation and/or peace of mind the body responds in a positive way and we experience a feeling of well-being.

Whatever therapy you choose you can be assured that we will be considering the whole person not just the symptoms you present.

We understand that this is the only way to true balance and lasting good health.

Based in Inverurie, we have over 7 years experience in helping people rebalance their body, mind and spirit to live a full life.

Most of us take time to have our cars serviced so that they perform as we expect them to and don’t breakdown, but sadly we don’t all take time to do the same for our health. Often, it is only when symptoms arise that we seek assistance.

BodyTalk, Reiki and Massage can be considered as preventive maintenance for you, while Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching will give you the tools to take you from where you are now to where you really want to be –
a tune-up kit for living!

All our services are totally confidential and comply with current UK legislation for data protection.

Meet Your Therapists

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Caroline Ward-Dutton

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner / SNHS Dip.
BodyTalk -VMLD Lymphatic Drainage – Reiki – Life Coaching – Holistic Nutritionist

I moved back to the UK in 2010 after living in South Africa for 28 years, where I worked for the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg as an Electron Microscopist, mainly in the biological sciences.

I have always had an interest in herbal medicine, alternative and complementary therapies and in particular energy healing, so in 2008 I became a Reiki practitioner. I have a diploma in Holistic Nutrition and Life Coaching.

Three years ago I was introduced to BodyTalk and I was fascinated by the idea of a completely holistic complimentary therapy and decided to make it my main area of work.


Roger Ward-Dutton

MSc,   Dip.C.Hyp/NLP,  DSM, DRSM
Executive Life Coach – Advanced Hypnotherapist – Master Practitioner NLP – BodyTalk – Reiki – Massage Therapist – VMLD Lymphatic Drainage

Working for over 40 years, and for the most of that working in high pressure roles, I recognised a disturbing trend: for a great many of my colleagues and associates (and for myself in some roles) no matter how much they were trained and “motivated”, the missing spark of enthusiasm for the role they performed was still missing. This was true no matter how seriously they took their role and position in a business and no matter how highly they were paid.

Motivation through training and financial reward was at best a sticking plaster over the wound that let the enjoyment flow out of the job. What was missing was “enthusiasm” for the task at hand. Before I am accused of semantics let me explain that motivation comes from outside, it is an externally applied force; enthusiasm comes from within and is self generated. We all recognise those tasks where we “just get lost” in the process and time flies without stress. That, my friends is enthusiasm at work.

What am I enthusiastic about now? Life and all it brings. I have found the spark that makes it all worthwhile and my desire and intention is to share this experience with all those who want to find it too.

Life is a “Holistic” experience yet we parcel it up, assign labels and put it into boxes. There is no need to live a fragmented life, we can all achieve our own personal balance and still coexist, keep our jobs if we want to and sleep well at night unaided.

All our services are totally confidential and comply with current UK legislation for data protection.

Please Note: Any customers under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

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