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I had a re-current bladder infection for two years and was being prescribed antibiotics practically every month which I knew was not acceptable.

I had one BodyTalk session with Caroline and I was so amazed because since that day I have not had one infection and that was a year ago. It was such a relief to me and even better, I didn’t need any medication.


I had a stomach pain for quite a while which came when I was stressed. I had heard about Caroline and BodyTalk from a friend so booked a session.

Since that day I have not had any stomach pain. I returned for another couple of sessions when I had a sore ankle and with the same result, the pain went and has not returned. All I can say is ‘it’s fantastic’!


Lymphatic Drainage – very effective immune system support and sometimes with a “funnier side”

I went to Roger on Friday  for lymphatic drainage,  I was very at ease and everything done with the utmost professionalism.  On the funnier side of things the bathroom became my best friend on saturday 🙂   I WILL be back for this again.


I have to add that both Roger and Caroline are the nicest people I have met in  a long  time.  Thank you 🙂


After 3 years of progressively worsening asthma, reliance on the routine use of 2 inhalers and a steroid nasal spray, I was unable to mow the lawn or walk more than 20 or 30 yards uphill without a rest.

After a week or two of undergoing a BodyTalk consultation, and with no change in my environmental situation, my asthma symptoms entirely disappeared. Ten months later my condition has remained free of symptoms.


I went to a short taster session by Caroline after a friend recommended her. I didn’t really have any particular issues in mind but found the first session very relaxing and soothing and I liked Caroline’s manner, so I decided to sign up for the course of sessions…

…after a weekend working in the garden, I provoked some old injuries and developed excruciating back and knee pain

…I asked Caroline if she could do anything about my back; the pain was so bad it was very difficult to lie on the table and get off again… she worked on me and by the next day I was only getting occasional throbs, my movement was hugely improved and I was feeling much more upbeat

…I’d say now (3 days after the knee session and 10 days after the back session) that the pain in my knees has cleared up about 85% and in my back about 90%

…I’m in my early 50’s but I felt I was like an old woman. Two sessions with Caroline and I feel young again!


For many years I have had an auto immune disease which causes me to have a lot of fatigue. I also had achilles tendonitis for over three years during which time I had physiotherapy and cortisone injections but it didn’t relieve the pain. This restricted me from walking any distances and also hindered me from horse riding.

After having three BodyTalk sessions, I had such an increase in energy and my ankle was so much better, that I can once again ride my horse and even walk the dogs afterwards. I am truly in awe of what BodyTalk has done for me.

Ann B

  I have had a rather unusual night time eating habit where I would get up in the middle if the night to let the dog out and visit the biscuit tin, eating anything between 2 and 4 packets of mini cookies or mini Jammie dodgers.
This “habit” was getting out of hand and I had been doing it for over a year…
One hypnotherapy session with Roger put an end to all that…I can hand on heart say I have not eaten in the middle of the night since…
Amazing, would thoroughly recommend as his friendly caring nature put me totally at ease, it was like we were just chatting like old friends….
Many thanks again Roger….
Oh and more importantly I’m 12 lbs lighter!!! 

Karen D

When a single technique isn’t appropriate or sufficient….

Been having back pain for a while but always thought it would get better! It doesn’t!  Roger very kindly came to our house and my back is so much better 🙂 I can’t thank you enough Roger and am very grateful.

I will see you and Caroline again soon just not too soon (in a good way).

I would not hesitate recommending you to anyone 🙂 


Had really bad leg pain and I saw Roger and Caroline,  my pain on a scale of 1-10 was a 9!  the treatment I recieved was amazing . My  pain is now a 4 !!!! can’t thank both of you enough.  If someone hasn’t been to Roger or Caroline  please don’t hesitate you won’t regret it.


Access Consciouness Bars – It’s great to have your “Bars” run.

Just been to see Roger again, for something totally new to me.  It’s called “Access Consciousness”  it was a fantastic experience and again very professionally done.  I can’t give you any great details about this treatment (as I  would call it)  don’t want to give out false information BUT please give Roger a call, text or send an e.mail so that you don’t miss out.  All that’s left to say is a huge thank you!


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