Massage Therapies

Swedish massage is probably the best known and most practised form of massage in the western world.

It is wonderful for reconnecting you to your body, promoting a feeling of well-being and general health. It’s a great way of gently breaking up those annoying muscle knots or adhesions allowing you to relax and move more easily.

What’s more a regular massage is a great way to keep tension at bay and aid restful sleep.

swedish massage for aches

Swedish massage not only has corrective benefits it is also an excellent preventive measure and rightfully belongs as part of any health maintenance regime. It has been shown to actually reduce stress hormone levels (particularly cortisol) and boost the immune system (by increasing the number of white blood cells and promoting the circulation of lymph) and so is not only a restorative therapy but also a great way to maintain good health.

During the massage blood circulation levels are improved increasing the supply of oxygen and the flow of nutrients to tissues throughout the body and at the same time promoting the removal of wastes and toxins.

You do not have to have a full body massage. If you prefer you can choose from (or have a combinations of):

  • arm and hand;
  • lower leg and foot;
  • whole leg;
  • back and hips; or
  • neck and shoulders massage.

We can also include a short reiki session at the end of your massage for that extra calm feeling.

Remedial and Sports Massage

We tailor our Remedial and Sports Massage to your particular needs.

Sports: Whether you are a frequent competitor or first-timer, whether you are in training for sporting event or recovering from one, we have the knowledge to help you either maintain your best or return to it as quickly as possible if you have drifted.

Remedial: If you are experiencing an injury or simply wanting to maintain current good health you can be sure that you will receive a treatment that is designed with your specific needs in mind.


Whatever your preference, you can rest assured that your massage will be tailored to your specific requirements to ensure that you get the maximum benefits.

Get relief from your aches & pains

Make an appointment today and we’ll massage away those niggling aches.

Please remember that the benefits of any therapy, massage included, are rarely instant and to feel the full benefits might take a day or two. If you are booking with an approaching major event in mind please mention it at the time of booking.

Please Note: Any customers under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

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