Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation

Where does relaxation become meditation and where does mindfulness enter the picture?

There are elements of all three in each and yet often each is addressed as a single discipline. Our question to you is “does this matter?” If so, “why does it matter?

To relax in an instant might indeed be said to be being “mindful”. At the same time meditation could be described as deep relaxation.

What is right for you is as individual is as ever changing as you are. The important thing to us is that you experience the state of inner peace that is common to all these practices as easily and simply as possible and that you learn to be able to attain this state whenever you wish to.

Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation

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practise mindfulness daily
mindfulness is easy to master


There has been a lot of media coverage on mindfulness and there are endless books on the subject. Most of this coverage sets out an aim to demystify mindfulness but really just adds to the mystique, making mindfulness one of those “special” qualities or activities that you must have to be successful.

The size of some of these books and the never-ending mindfulness courses suggest that to achieve a mindful state takes great practice and dedication. Some even state that it’s a path that you must walk, forever. Well, maybe this is true for some people, but for most of us mindfulness is simply something we can learn and apply relatively easily to everyday life with immediate benefits.

Consider it a bit like walking, not a difficult concept just not as easy as it looks when you first try. But once mastered and regularly practised you wonder how it was ever daunting and difficult.

We can teach you the techniques/skills and guide your practice at your pace until you feel ready to walk unaided. We offer lessons and practice sessions for individuals and small numbers, tailored to specific needs and aims. We want you to experience the benefits of a retreat without leaving town.

in the right place, with the right support meditation can become a natural process
Meditation is a personal process


We often hear people say “I am not good at meditation” and even “I can’t meditate”. We can help.

Meditation is a practice that, like any other, can be learned. We believe that in the right place, with the right support meditation can become a natural process. We can teach you the skills to incorporate meditation into your everyday life.

Meditation is a personal process and for that reason we do not currently run group meditation classes. We teach meditation skills to individuals and small groups with the intention of helping you address your personal objectives through meditation. Although regular and routine practice can increase the benefits of meditation, once learnt there is no need to enslave yourself to a practice that does not fit your lifestyle. This in itself is counter to the aims of meditation.

We do not instruct meditation as part of a religious practice, all comers are welcome. We tailor the sessions to your requirements, with an aim to guide you into a practice that is right for you at this time.

Relaxation: No stress, no worry, no imperative
Relaxation is essential to wellbeing. Take a little “me” time every day.


“Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax.”

– Bryant McGill, Simple Reminders: Inspiration for Living Your Best Life

Relaxation appears to be a long forgotten skill. To relax is to let go of the inhibitions of the moment, feel free and unfettered.

No stress, no worry, no imperative.

Our relaxation sessions are only on a one to one basis. This is your time, set aside just for you.

Relaxation is essential to wellbeing. Take a little “me” time every day.

Take a Little Me Time

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